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true twit

I follow.
A DM informs me the person I followed uses TrueTwit.
I unfollow.

And so goes the cycle, where one person, in an effort to deter spam from others, instead becomes a spammer themselves, in a most rude and obnoxious manner.  

Friendly Tip:  If someone extends to you a gesture of friendship or respect, do not respond by accusing them of evil intents, by subjecting them to spam and by forcing them to do tasks to prove themselves to you, in response.  If so, you might find that gesture of friendship or respect has been rescinded.

TRUE TWIT USERS:  Hostile, lazy, rude or just dumb?  The automatic DM that those who join True Twit generate to those who seek to follow them is less than 140 characters.  Yet, in that short space, I can learn and deduce that the user I had intended on following is hostile, lazy, rude or dumb.  Maybe all four.  But at least one.  I don’t need to narrow down the particular character trait that led this TRUE TWIT to sign up with TrueTwit.  I don’t want to follow those who are hostile, lazy, rude OR dumb.    Thus, the use of this service signals to me, “this person is not worth jumping through hoops to follow.  This person does not want me to follow.  Unfollow now to avoid repeated DM demand-spam.”  But that is what I conclude.  What did I know that led me to that conclusion?

First, what is TrueTwit?  Succinctly stated, “TrueTwit is a computer that asks a human being to solve a captcha puzzle to prove they are not a computer.”  (Munger, 2013, para. 2.)  

Below is an example of the advertising and hoop-jumping subjected upon the person who unknowingly follows a TRUE TWIT.  If you want to follow a TRUE TWIT, you have to prove to the satisfaction of a computer that you are not a computer and you have to subject yourself to advertising so someone else can avoid the possibility that you would have sent them advertising.  


TRUE TWITS APPEAR HOSTILE:  So this person I reached out to follow doesn’t say, like so many others do, “Hey, Thanks for following me.  I appreciate it.”  No – instead, the reaction is, in so many words, “Prove to me you aren’t a computer.”  Really?  That’s the first way you respond when someone says, “Hey, I think that your tweets might be interesting enough to add to a feed of other interesting tweets” by accusing the person with the arm extended in greeting of being a computer and not a person?

Just being accused of being a computer is a bit off-putting, but it’s even more abrasive when that accusation comes from a computer-automated program.  You want ME to prove that I’m not a computer, but I have no reason to believe that YOU are not a computer, since you have not sent me a personal, but instead a computer-generated message. 

TRUE TWITS APPEAR LAZY:  Dare I say it, but the TRUE TWITS also come off as believing their time more valuable than my own.  On their end, it would take but a click to go to my profile and then no more than 10 seconds to scan my most recent tweets to realize that they are not computer-generated spam.  So, to avoid 1 click and 10 seconds of their time, I am compelled to go to a website, view an advertisement that is making money for TrueTwit and decipher one of the more difficult-to-decipher captcha’s to prove I am a person.  I have to grab my reading glasses and usually request a few screen refreshes before I get a captcha where I can figure out all the blurred and distorted characters.  Definitely a few annoying minutes of my life; minutes spent proving myself to a stranger who is too lazy to validate I am a person on his or her own.  Minutes spent proving I’m not a computer TO a computer.  Minutes spent proving I won’t waste the other person’s time with unsolicited advertisement, by having to subject myself to that same unsolicited advertisement.

And for what?  For all that trouble – does the person send you a “Certificate that you are a Human Being”?  Do you get a lapel pin for all your hard work?  Nothing.  You just have the privilege of being able to follow someone whose time is more important than your own.

TRUE TWITs demand that others jump through time consuming hoops yet are unwilling to expend any time on their own.  Any.  Not even 10 seconds.  Not even one mouse click.  Doesn’t bode well for any tweets they may cause to send – as these are likely to involve the least amount of effort necessary.  They won’t bother to link to sources or bother verifying if their facts are correct.   

Indeed TRUE TWITs don’t really want followers who follow them because of who they are and what they tweet.  They would rather have AUTOMATIC followers that TrueTwit sends their way.  TRUE TWITS inadvertently repel and repulse real followers while encouraging mindless follows by whoever a computer sends their way.    

If you are a TRUE TWIT and you take exception to being called lazy, go ahead and take a few seconds to type “True Twit spam” into a Google search box and review all the entries of bloggers explaining why True Twit is, itself, spam, how True Twit is using its users to generate spam and/or viruses, how True Twit does not do what you think it does, and how so many tweeters like myself don’t want to follow TRUE TWITs or be subjected to the spam generated by TrueTwit.


The irony is that the TRUE TWIT generates spam in order to prevent spam.  How insensitive!?!  If you don’t want spam, why would you respond to every single user who attempts to follow you by generating spam to them through a computer-automated application?  Isn’t that what you are trying to avoid?  Why would you think I would enjoy your blatant spam and such blatant spam would in any way motivate me to want to prove to you I’m a human?  And why would I want to follow a rude tweeter?  Would seem I would only be getting a lot of rude tweets added to my feed.


TRUE TWIT does not deter spam.  TRUE TWIT deters followers; followers who are people.  Likely, the TRUE TWITS don’t know this.  They reveal how they are relative neophytes to Twitter, otherwise, why would they bother with this application?  But here are the realities:

  1. Spam can be generated by someone who doesn’t follow you.
  2. Spammers aren’t just all computers.  There are people who maintain these spam accounts.  Those people can complete the captcha so that you won’t know they are spammers.  And still spam you.
  3. When you receive spam, you can block the account at that time (one click), instead of accusing 100% of those who seek to follow you, in advance, of nefarious purposes.
  4. People can “follow” you without following you.  You can be placed on a private list that is only visible to the user and not to you.  Up to 5000 accounts can be on a single list.  The spam program would rather list you without you knowing than follow you and get outed by another computer.  So the evil you seek to avoid is less likely to use the follow feature.  Instead, you repel and push away others who expressed genuine interest.
  5. Block function on twitter just blindfolds you to the tweets of that person.  That person can still comment about you (you just won’t know) and they can still view all your tweets – by going to your profile.
  6. By sending the person who wanted to follow you a link to TrueTwit and requiring that they click on this link, you are directing computer-generated spam to a potential follower.  That link, at a minimum, is designed to raise money and generate advertising revenue for TrueTwit.  That’s at a minimum.  At it’s worst, that link could be virus-laden and provide access to others with nefarious intent access to the hard drive of the person clicking on the link.  By associating yourself with this application, you become a co-conspirator to deliver spam or engage in criminal hacking.

This information and much, much more is easily ascertainable with some Google searches.  If not aware of this information, what responsibility do you bear to make yourself aware?  Can I expect your tweets will be equally uninformed and unresearched?  Will facts be trumped by convenience?  Smart is sexy.  Dumb is as dumb does. 


So – if you insist on making me jump through hoops when I reach out to follow you, I conclude you don’t really want me to follow and are somewhat put out by my request.  Apart from no longer wanting to follow someone who greets me in such a hostile and rude fashion, I also have no motivation to expend effort proving myself to someone who has demonstrated that he or she will not expend minimal effort on his or her end and wants me to do all the work.  So – now when I get the TrueTwit DM, I unfollow the person and put the person on a TRUE TWIT USERS list.   I also send a link to this page to explain why I’ve done what I’ve done, why I’m offended and insulted by the TRUE TWITs attempt to spam me, and why I will not follow the TRUE TWIT as long as linked to this application.

This list can be handy for others who seek to avoid following TRUE TWITs since most do not identify themselves as TRUE TWITs in their profile.  This list could also be a good resource for other TRUE TWITs who insist on remaining in the TrueTwit bubble.

The reward offered by TRUE TWIT to its users for signing up with its computer-generated spam service, is that although you will now personally offend most all others who seek to follow you, you will not need to jump through those same hoops when you seek to follow other TRUE TWITS.  Like street gangs, to avoid being victimized by their strongarm tactics, you have to join them.  But that price – the price of annoying and offending all legitimate followers – doesn’t seem to justify my personal convenience.

TRUE TWIT RECOVERY AND REHABILITATION:  The reason I have for writing and posting all this is two-fold. 

One – this is a lot of information to have to explain to each and every TRUE TWIT I inadvertently follow and then un-follow. Being able to provide the information in a link helps when otherwise limited to 140 characters per tweet.   And better that you should have to click on a link than those whose only crime was to seek to follow.

Two – If the TRUE TWIT uses this information provided to elect to disentangle themselves from TrueTwit and lets me know, I will happily remove them from the TRUE TWIT USERS list.  I may even elect to follow that person, once I know the person is a human and not a computer-generated spam account!


Munger, S.  (2013, October 31).  TrueTwit:  From tragedy to farce.  Retrieved on January 31, 2014 from:


The Powers Who Kill


The Powers Who Kill

© 1996

All rights reserved.

Lethal injection.
Electric Chair.
Government infection.
One last prayer.

The single condemned is no match for the will
of the powers who feel they have the power to kill.

Life is still life but power is blind.
The righteous and vengeful leave no room to be kind
to the soul who is chained for the wrongs of the flesh;
justice is swift when their conscience confess.

Pontius Pilate, crippled by possible riot.
Three nails and a cross will make the crowd quiet.
Barrabus goes free, according to rules
Created by merciless, hypocritical fools.

The power to trade a dream for a door
with bars and cement; the prisoners of war.
Sins of the world; vice of the state.
Legalized lies motivated by hate.

A little brown beetle, not yet full grown
Finds a crack and a shadow, afraid and alone
When the hand of the mighty plays the hand of the judge
And one of God’s creatures is crushed into mud.

Lethal injection.
Electric chair.
Government infection.
One last prayer.
The act is uncivilized, vulgar and primal.
Politicians creating loopholes in the Bible.

The single condemned is certainly no match
For a thrown and a robe, a degree and a badge.
The hour is midnight, the crowd waits until
The powers that be become the powers who kill.