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The Powers Who Kill


The Powers Who Kill

© 1996

All rights reserved.

Lethal injection.
Electric Chair.
Government infection.
One last prayer.

The single condemned is no match for the will
of the powers who feel they have the power to kill.

Life is still life but power is blind.
The righteous and vengeful leave no room to be kind
to the soul who is chained for the wrongs of the flesh;
justice is swift when their conscience confess.

Pontius Pilate, crippled by possible riot.
Three nails and a cross will make the crowd quiet.
Barrabus goes free, according to rules
Created by merciless, hypocritical fools.

The power to trade a dream for a door
with bars and cement; the prisoners of war.
Sins of the world; vice of the state.
Legalized lies motivated by hate.

A little brown beetle, not yet full grown
Finds a crack and a shadow, afraid and alone
When the hand of the mighty plays the hand of the judge
And one of God’s creatures is crushed into mud.

Lethal injection.
Electric chair.
Government infection.
One last prayer.
The act is uncivilized, vulgar and primal.
Politicians creating loopholes in the Bible.

The single condemned is certainly no match
For a thrown and a robe, a degree and a badge.
The hour is midnight, the crowd waits until
The powers that be become the powers who kill.