about puzzle pieces



This site and its contents represent the outward manifestation of the inner thoughts that collectively form to simultaneously define and expand my identity.  I cannot be limited by labels as the individual capacity to learn and grow is infinite.  But, like a photograph can take a snapshot and preserve time immemorial, so, too, can my written expression serve to capture a moment and offer a clue as to the personal journey I call my life.  Just like my physical evolution can be traced through the photographs capturing my outward appearance, my internal evolution can be traced through my words.

But people grow and change.  Over the years, I have grown in both inches and pounds, my hair color and style have varied.  While a photograph might accurately depict how I outwardly appeared on the date the photograph was taken, it may bear little resemblance to the person I am today.  Similarly, my thoughts, ideas and opinions, as captured on these pages, represent a moment in time and a snapshot of my own personal journey.  Like my outward appearance, they, too are likely to evolve or change.  Rigid adherence to prior viewpoints leaves no room for personal growth.  

I am multi-dimensional and find inspiration and satisfaction through creativity, intellectual curiosity, spiritual curiousity and sensuality.  Thus, these four categories provide the basic framework for the organization of this site.  

DISCLAIMER:  Facts, quotes and the ideas of others are attributed to their source.  Everything else is a thought, idea or opinion:  mine.  I expect some people will agree and some will disagree; some may find a kindred understanding while others may find themselves apoplectic.  I welcome both reactions.


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